Homebunz was created in 2017 by Rebecca Saunders. Rebecca is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley. Her passion for delighting friends and family through baked goods called her to dream of Homebunz.

We make our dough fresh, from scratch, everyday. As everyone with a sweet tooth knows, homemade taste much better than store bought. With that, we developed a recipe for fluffy, light pastries that are still moist, rich, and decadent. Our customers tell us that they are the best cinnamon bunz they have ever had. We think you’ll agree once you’ve tried them.

Creating fun, delicious new flavors is our favorite way to surprise our customers. However, we will always have a special place on our menu and in our hearts for the original cinnamon bun that everyone knows and loves. You’ll see a Homebunz is so much more than a cinnamon bun. We’re confident our Homebunz Original will surpass every cinnamon bun you’ve every had.

Bringing a touch of sweetness to the world is our mission. We believe in being a blessing to our community. It is in this way that we can work together to sustain a positive future for all of our neighbors. Serving and giving back is at the heart of what we do.