This just got real…

Hello Homebunz fans! We are so excited to share the flavor of the week! This delicious flavor is going to be at Westchase Farmers Market and Tomball Farmers Market. It was inspired by Homebunz fans just like you! 

Drum roll please…

Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Homebunz!!!


We’ve taken out signature brioche, filled it with chocolate chips, and iced these beauties with a peanut butter frosting. They will then be decorated by the fall colors of Reese’s Pieces and Mini Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

They will be scrumptious! As soon as we pull these out of the oven on Thursday morning, we will be sure to share a picture that will make you swoon!

This week we will debut at the University of Houston Market on Wednesday! We will be at Butler’s Plaza on the main campus from 12pm until 4pm or we sell out! We will have Homebunz Original and Chocolate Chip Homebunz for the Cougars! 

Thursday we are back at Westchase Farmers Market from 2pm until 7pm. 

Saturday we will be at Tomball Farmers Market from 9pm until 1pm.

Hopefully the rain does not disrupt the markets this week! Have a wonderful day everyone! 

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