August 9th & 11th Flavor of the Week

Welcome Back to Our

Flavor of The Week Blog

Without further adu we will let you in on the delicious Homebunz that is hitting the Farmers Markets this week:

Cookies and Cream Homebunz!!!


If you didn’t get a chance to try these a few weeks ago when they made their debut you NEED to do yourself a favor and get yourself some!!!

Please reach out to be by email: info@homebunz.com or text: 346-300-1688 if you would like me to hold a flavor of the week or a Homebunz Bread Pudding aside for you the evening before. Please include your contact number so if you forget to show up the day of the market or you are running extreamly late I can send you a reminder. As my loyal customers it is my pleasure to ensure you get your weekly dose of sweetness!

That is all from us this week!

Next week on Saturday the 18th of August we WILL NOT BE AT THE TOMBALL FARMERS MARKET! We will be in Dallas with a very large chocolate cake of the moist and most chocolaty kind to celebrate a special little princess who will be turning 8 years old. 

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