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Flavor of the week and our first blog post!

Hey Homebunz Fans,

We are SO excited to be coming back to the Tomball Farmer’s Market this Saturday, the 19th of May! We had so much fun lat week!

*Fingers Crossed*

Hopefully, Tomball Farmers Market will become our new Saturday Farmer’s Market home. We should be finding out in a few weeks. YOU will be the first to know!

Flavor of the week: RED VELVET

We’ve been formulating this recipe for a while and we think we finally have a winning combination to bring to you! Come and get yours tomorrow at Westchase Farmers Market or at Tomball Farmers Market on Saturday!

This week we have been enjoying these adorable and delicious patty pan squash that we picked up from The Westchase Farmers Market. These were grown, with love, right here in Houston by Joseph from Eureka Urban Farms. Check them out, they always have crispy pickles, jams, and freshly picked, seasonal fruits and veggies. Joseph is really knowledgeable about those green-thumb related questions that are driving you bonkers too! Here at Homebunz, we save the gardening for the gifted lot that seem to magically command Mother Nature to do their bidding… We stick with what we are good at– CINNAMON BUNS!

How has your week been? We hope you have had an easy and breezy spring so far! Summer is coming just around the corner! There are big things in the works here at Homebunz, we will be sharing them with you very soon.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Farmers Market!

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